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Red Love

Red Love

Author: Leo Maxim
Publisher: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 178227068X
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-09-10
Now, married with two children and the Wall a distant memory, Maxim decides to find the answers to the questions he couldn't ask. Why did his parents, once passionately in love, grow apart? Why did his father become so angry, and his mother quit her career in journalism? And why did his grandfather Gerhard, the Socialist war hero, turn into a stranger? The story he unearths is, like his country's past, one of hopes, lies, cruelties, betrayals but also love. In Red Love he captures, with warmth and unflinching honesty, why so many dreamed the GDR would be a new world and why, in the end, it fell apart. Growing up in East Berlin, Maxim Leo knew not to ask questions. All he knew was that his rebellious parents, Wolf and Anne, with their dyed hair, leather jackets and insistence he call them by their first names, were a bit embarrassing. That there were some places you couldn't play; certain things you didn't say.
L'épreuve d'anglais à Sciences Po

L'épreuve d'anglais à Sciences Po

Author: Axel Delmotte
Publisher: Studyrama
ISBN: 2844722164
Pages: 239
Year: 2004
Essentielle car souvent éliminatoire, l'épreuve d'anglais aux concours d'entrée en Institut d'études politiques nécessite une excellente compréhension des mécanismes de la langue de Shakespeare. Cet ouvrage se veut un outil de référence pour réussir l'examen avec brio. Les deux premières parties passent en revue les points délicats de la grammaire et de la syntaxe anglaises, de l'utilisation des temps à l'épineux problème de l'accentuation. La troisième et la quatrième parties proposent, quant à elles, d'appréhender avec rigueur le contenu de l'épreuve (questions de compréhension, résumé, essai...) et d'en déjouer les pièges. Le tout est illustré d'exercices corrigés et expliqués, généralement tirés de sujets d'annales.
A Life

A Life

Author: Simone Veil
Publisher: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 1910376973
Pages: 295
Year: 2009-09-01
Simone Veil, the former French lawyer and politician who became the first President of the European Union, was born Simone Jacob in 1927. In A Life, she describes in vivid detail a childhood of happiness and innocence spent in Nice that came to an abrupt end in 1944 when, at the age of 17, she was deported with her family to concentration camps. Though she survived, her mother, father, and brother all died in captivity. After the liberation of Auschwitz and upon her return to France, Veil studied law and political science and later became Minister for Health under the government of Jacques Chirac. It was there that she fought a successful political battle to introduce a law legalizing abortion in France. She was elected the first female President of the European Parliament and later returned to French government as Minister for Social Affairs. Over her many years of service, Veil was a bastion of social progress and a powerful individual symbol for the advancement of women’s rights around the world. Veil was one of France’s most beloved public figures, most admired for her personal and political courage. Her memoir, published here in English for the first time, is a sincere and candid account of an extraordinary life and career, reflecting both her humanity and her determination to improve social standards at home and maintain economic and political stability in Europe. In the wake of her passing in 2017, this translation of her memoir stands as a fitting tribute to an unparalleled life of survival, selflessness, and unwavering public service.
Recursion and Human Language

Recursion and Human Language

Author: Harry van der Hulst
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110219247
Pages: 416
Year: 2010
In this volume, the issue of recursion is tackled from a variety of angles. Some articles cover formal issues regarding the proper characterization or definition of recursion, while others focus on empirical issues by examining the kinds of structure in languages that suggest recursive mechanism in the grammar. Most articles discuss syntactic phenomena, but several involve morphology, the lexicon and phonology. In addition, we find discussions that involve evolutionary notions and language disorders, and the broader cognitive context of recursion.
Handbook of Nanomaterials Properties

Handbook of Nanomaterials Properties

Author: Bharat Bhushan, Dan Luo, Scott R. Schricker, Wolfgang Sigmund, Stefan Zauscher
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642311075
Pages: 1463
Year: 2014-03-13
Nanomaterials attract tremendous attention in recent researches. Although extensive research has been done in this field it still lacks a comprehensive reference work that presents data on properties of different Nanomaterials. This Handbook of Nanomaterials Properties will be the first single reference work that brings together the various properties with wide breadth and scope.
Personal Wealth in Britan

Personal Wealth in Britan

Author: Atkinson, Allan James Harrison
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 0521217350
Pages: 330
Year: 1978-02-09

The Hateful and the Obscene

The Hateful and the Obscene

Author: Leonard W. Sumner
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442631554
Year: 2004-11-06
In a series of landmark decisions since 1990, Canadian courts have shaped a distinctive approach to the regulation of obscenity, hate literature, and child pornography. Missing from the debate, however, has been any attempt to determine whether the legal status quo can be justified by reference to a framework of moral/political principles. The Hateful and the Obscene is intended to fill that gap. L.W. Sumner brings philosophical depth and theoretical rigour to some of the most important and difficult questions concerning free expression. Building on a framework set out by J.S. Mill – that a legal restriction of expression is justified only when the expression in question is harmful to others and when the benefits of the restriction will exceed its costs – Sumner shows how the Canadian courts have replicated Mill's framework in their interpretation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Hateful and the Obscene is a compelling interpretation of freedom of expression that combines serious philosophical thought with a focus on Canadian law, thus maintaining the breadth to deal with both obscenity and hate literature.
Inventing Local Democracy

Inventing Local Democracy

Author: Rebecca Abers
Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN: 1555878938
Pages: 269
Year: 2000-01-01
In 1989, the government of Porto Alegre, Brazil, implemented a paticipatory budget programme. This book tells their story, providing a sociopolitical study of the impact that state-sponsored participatory forums can have on civil society.
A History of the Grandparents I Never Had

A History of the Grandparents I Never Had

Author: Ivan Jablonka
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804799385
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-05-11
Ivan Jablonka's grandparents' lives ended long before his began: although Matès and Idesa Jablonka were his family, they were perfect strangers. When he set out to uncover their story, Jablonka had little to work with. Neither of them was the least bit famous, and they left little behind except their two orphaned children, a handful of letters, and a passport. Persecuted as communists in Poland, as refugees in France, and then as Jews under the Vichy regime, Matès and Idesa lived their short lives underground. They were overcome by the tragedies of the twentieth century: Stalinism, the mounting dangers in Europe during the 1930s, the Second World War, and the destruction of European Jews. Jablonka's challenge was, as a historian, to rigorously distance himself and yet, as family, to invest himself completely in their story. Imagined oppositions collapsed—between scholarly research and personal commitment, between established facts and the passion of the one recording them, between history and the art of storytelling. To write this book, Jablonka traveled to three continents; met the handful of survivors of his grandparents' era, their descendants, and some of his far-flung cousins; and investigated twenty different archives. And in the process, he reflected on his own family and his responsibilities to his father, the orphaned son, and to his own children and the family wounds they all inherited. A History of the Grandparents I Never Had cannot bring Matès and Idesa to life, but Jablonka succeeds in bringing them, as he soberly puts it, to light. The result is a gripping story, a profound reflection, and an absolutely extraordinary history.
Parliamentary Representatives in Europe, 1848-2000

Parliamentary Representatives in Europe, 1848-2000

Author: Maurizio Cotta
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198297939
Pages: 549
Year: 2000
Parliamentary Representatives in Europe 1848-2000 deals with long-term changes in parliamentary recruitment and patterns of political careers in eleven European countries (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom) from the middle of the 19th century to the end of the millennium. Through individual country chapters, written by international experts native to each area, the book focuses on transformations in the social background, education, political career paths, and entrenchment in pressure groups and party offices of those who sat in national parliaments. These transformations are traced on the basis of a comprehensive and integrated data-set (the DATACUBE) providing, for the first time, the prerequisites for a truly comparative study of parliamentary representation in Europe. In addition, information about institutional settings, the development of party systems, and the political events and processesof social change that helped to shape the recruitment and career paths of members of parliament, is given for each country. Further, by placing the representative at the centre, two fundamental and to some extent contradictory processes underlying the development towards parliamentary democracy in Europe, namely democratisation and political professionalisation, are addressed. The book concludes with a synopsis which proposes a developmental model of parliamentary representation in Europe during the last 150 years.
Entreprises et entrepreneurs africains

Entreprises et entrepreneurs africains

Author: Stephen Ellis
Publisher: KARTHALA Editions
ISBN: 2865375307
Pages: 632
Year: 1995

The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800-1930

The Emergence of Modern Business Enterprise in France, 1800-1930

Author: Michael Stephen Smith
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674019393
Pages: 575
Year: 2006-01
"Arguing against the long-standing view that French economic and business development was crippled by missed opportunities and entrepreneurial failures, Smith presents a story of considerable achievement. French companies made major contributions to the Second Industrial Revolution of 1880-1930, especially in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, electrochemicals, industrial gases, and motor vehicles. Rejecting the notion that France took a separate route to economic modernity, Smith argues that it tracked other industrial nations along a path dominated by large-scale production and corporate enterprise."--Jacket.
The Vanishing American Lawyer

The Vanishing American Lawyer

Author: Thomas D. Morgan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019974937X
Pages: 264
Year: 2010-02-01
Over 4,000 lawyers lost their positions at major American law firms in 2008 and 2009. In The Vanishing American Lawyer, Professor Thomas Morgan discusses the legal profession and the need for both law students and lawyers to adapt to the needs and expectations of clients in the future. The world needs people who understand institutions that create laws and how to access those institutions' works, but lawyers are no longer part of a profession that is uniquely qualified to advise on a broad range of distinctly legal questions. Clients will need advisors who are more specialized than many lawyers are today and who have more expertise in non-legal issues. Many of today's lawyers do not have a special ability to provide such services. While American lawyers have been hesitant to change the ways they can improve upon meeting client needs, lawyers in other countries, notably Great Britain and Australia, have been better at adapting. Law schools must also recognize the world their students will face and prepare them to operate successfully within it. Professor Morgan warns that lawyers must adapt to new client needs and expectations. The term "professional" should be applied to individuals who deserve praise for skilled and selfless efforts, but this term may lead to occupational suicide if it becomes a justification for not seeing and adapting to the world ahead.
Critical Theorists and International Relations

Critical Theorists and International Relations

Author: Jenny Edkins, Nick Vaughan-Williams
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134025793
Pages: 424
Year: 2009-02-10
A wide range of critical theorists is used in the study of international politics, and until now there has been no text that gives concise and accessible introductions to these figures. Critical Theorists and International Relations provides a wide-ranging introduction to thirty-two important theorists whose work has been influential in thinking about global politics. Each chapter is written by an expert with a detailed knowledge of the theorist concerned, representing a range of approaches under the rubric ‘critical’, including Marxism and post-Marxism, the Frankfurt School, hermeneutics, phenomenology, postcolonialism, feminism, queer theory, poststructuralism, pragmatism, scientific realism, deconstruction and psychoanalysis. Key features of each chapter include: a clear and concise biography of the relevant thinker an introduction to their key writings and ideas a summary of the ways in which these ideas have influenced and are being used in international relations scholarship a list of suggestions for further reading Written in engaging and accessible prose, Critical Theorists and International Relations is a unique and invaluable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and scholars of international relations.
Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies

Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies

Author: Kaare Strøm, Wolfgang C. Müller, Torbjörn Bergman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199291608
Pages: 764
Year: 2006-01-19
This is the most ambitious and comprehensive account of the institutions of democratic delegation in West European parliamentary democracies. An international team of contributors provides unprecedented cross-national investigations of West European political institutions from 1945 until the present day.