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I Am Your Judge

I Am Your Judge

Author: Nele Neuhaus
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1466882875
Pages: 416
Year: 2016-01-12
Police Detective Pia Kirchhoff is about to leave on her long-delayed honeymoon when she receives a phone call from police headquarters: An elderly woman has been shot and killed while walking her dog. Neither her grieving daughter nor any of her acquaintances have an explanation for the horrifying murder. Ingeborg Rohlehder was well-liked and a generous, loving woman. A short while later, another murder is committed and the modus operandi is eerily similar — a woman is executed by a precisely aimed bullet to the head that smashes through her kitchen window while she is baking cookies . . . and in both cases the same weapon fired the shot from a distance only a trained sniper could manage. Two more murders follow in short order. None of the victims had enemies and no one knows why they were singled out. As fear of the Taunus Sniper grows among the local residents, the pressure rises on Detective Kirchhoff. She and her partner, Oliver von Bodenstein, search feverishly for a suspect who appears to murder at will, but soon realize that “The Judge,” as the sniper calls himself, seems to have a mission—a mission that has not reached its conclusion yet. As the investigation progresses, the police officers uncover a human tragedy that will shake them to the core. I am Your Judge is tightly plotted, and delivers surprise twists at every turn with a story that is ripped from the headlines.


Author: Audrey Carlan
ISBN: 1943340005
Pages: 330
Year: 2015-03-28
I was a dead woman. I'd finally had a glimpse of true love, admiration, and the kind of devotion only your soulmate, your other half, could provide...until it was physically ripped away. Taken. My stalker had me, and there was little hope I'd be found. I knew Chase would use all his money and resources to search the ends of the Earth for me, but I knew the monster I was dealing with. Years of looking into the eyes of pure evil gave me the unique experience to know that my situation was dire. If Chase didn't find me soon, I'd be gone forever. *** In the third and final novel in the erotic suspense, Trinity Trilogy, SOUL connects with the reader by providing the story through the eyes of Gillian, Chase, and the man that wants to own her soul but can't for she's already given it to another. Everyone is on the hunt to save Gillian from the arms of a killer. This book can be considered dark, erotic, and thrilling. As in Body (Trinity Trilogy Book 1) the issue of domestic violence plays heavily in the storyline, and Gillian experiences many disturbing flashbacks of the past alongside tragedy the stalker brings to the present. There is also a lot of love, devotion, and friendship. As with all my books, the characters will ultimately have their happily ever after. Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. SOUL is book 3 of a three-part trilogy. Body (Trinity Trilogy - Book 1) and Mind (Trinity Trilogy - Book 2) must be read prior to reading SOUL.
Wendy Hoose

Wendy Hoose

Author: Johnny McKnight
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 1783196599
Pages: 72
Year: 2016-04-11
'Hooking up when you’re legless never did run smooth Laura and Jake just want sex. Late Friday night drunken sex. Nothing more. No strings attached. But getting your leg over is sometimes more difficult than you think. Wendy Hoose is a no-holds-barred smash hit comedy about two twenty-year-olds searching for love in all the wrong places!
The Female Nude

The Female Nude

Author: Lynda Nead
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113497275X
Pages: 184
Year: 2002-09-11
Anyone who examines the history of Western art must be struck by the prevalence of images of the female body. More than any other subject, the female nude connotes `art'. The framed image of a female body, hung on the walls of an art gallery, is an icon of Western culture, a symbol of civilization and accomplishment. But how and why did the female nude acquire this status? The Female Nude brings together, in an entirely new way, analysis of the historical tradition of the female nude and discussion of recent feminist art, and by exploring the ways in which acceptable and unacceptable images of the female body are produced and maintained, renews recent debates on high culture and pornography. The Female Nude represents the first feminist survey of the most significant subject in Western art. It reveals how the female nude is now both at the centre and at the margins of high culture. At the centre, and within art historical discourse, the female nude is seen as the visual culmination of enlightenment aesthetics; at the edge, it risks losing its repectability and spilling over into the obscene.
Documentary Across Disciplines

Documentary Across Disciplines

Author: Erika Balsom, Hila Peleg
Publisher: Mit Press
ISBN: 0262529068
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-03-11
Contemporary engagements with documentary are multifaceted and complex, reaching across disciplines to explore the intersections of politics and aesthetics, representation and reality, truth and illusion. Discarding the old notions of "fly on the wall" immediacy or quasi-scientific aspirations to objectivity, critics now understand documentary not as the neutral picturing of reality but as a way of coming to terms with reality through images and narrative. This book collects writings by artists, filmmakers, art historians, poets, literary critics, anthropologists, theorists, and others, to investigate one of the most vital areas of cultural practice: documentary. Their investigations take many forms -- essays, personal memoirs, interviews, poetry. Contemporary art turned away from the medium and toward the world, using photography and the moving image to take up global perspectives. Documentary filmmakers, meanwhile, began to work in the gallery context. The contributors consider the hybridization of art and film, and the "documentary turn" of contemporary art. They discuss digital technology and the "crisis of faith" caused by manipulation and generation of images, and the fading of the progressive social mandate that has historically characterized documentary. They consider invisible data and visible evidence; problems of archiving; and surveillance and biometric control, forms of documentation that call for "informatic opacity" as a means of evasion. ContributorsAriella Azoulay, Zach Blas, Christa BluÌ^mlinger, Stella Bruzzi, Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Kris Fallon, Evgenia Giannouri, Ben Lerner, SylveÌre Lotringer, Antonia Majaca, Sohrab Mohebbi, Volker Pantenburg, Veìreìna Paravel, Christopher Pinney, Ben Rivers, and Eyal Sivan Copublished with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin
The Weeping Ash

The Weeping Ash

Author: Joan Aiken
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492641316
Pages: 640
Year: 2016-10-04
The Paget family is irrevocably changed in this Regency period romance reissue from legendary author Joan Aiken New bride Fanny Paget experiences shame and torment in her loveless arranged marriage, finding solace only in her budding friendship with estate gardener Andrew Talgarth. He never seems too busy to listen and sympathize. But Fanny is trapped, until her husband's cousins arrive from India and a series of explosive events unfold that change the lives of all involved. Andrew is there through it all, strong and steadfast, awaiting Fanny's greatest self-discovery-no matter how long it takes. What readers say: "Romance and high adventure flow at a rapid pace!" "Cracking entertainment, with lots of romance and thrills." "A fast, satisfying read." "Vivid and vibrant!"
Gender Policy and HIV in China

Gender Policy and HIV in China

Author: Joseph Tucker, Dudley L. Poston, Jr., Qiang Ren, Baochang Gu, Xiaoying Zheng, Stephanie Wang, Chris Russell
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402099002
Pages: 226
Year: 2009-05-08
China’s concentrated HIV epidemic is on the brink of becoming a generalized one and syphilis infection has become a major public health threat. Social factors relating to gender and gender inequality exacerbate the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in China. A better understanding of the proximate social determinants of HIV related to gender will be crucial to effectively curbing HIV and other STIs in China. Aspects of China’s governance - including administrative procedures, the developing legal system, social institutions, and the public health infrastructure – are instrumental in shaping strategies and responses to HIV. International studies suggest that women who are more economically and socially vulnerable may also have a greater risk of HIV infection, yet few initiatives have focused on discrete areas where achievable and sustainable gender policy measures could be linked to the public health response. This study presents perspectives ranging from criminology to social psychology to better understand how gender perspectives can inform HIV policy in the context of China.


Author: Martin Suter
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008264295
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-05-31
The international bestseller about friendship, second chances, and a tiny glow-in-the-dark pink elephant
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

Author: Alexander Berkman
Pages: 512
Year: 1912

Gelbe Karte für die Liebe

Gelbe Karte für die Liebe

Author: Virna DePaul
Publisher: Virna De Paul
ISBN: 194456179X
Pages: 270
Year: 2017-01-06
Seine Aufgabe ist es, zu punkten, und er gewinnt immer. Heath Dawson: Footballstar, ein Traumtyp zum Anbeißen, einer, dem die Mädchen ihre Höschen nur so nachwerfen. Und Camille Pollerts erster Schwarm. Dann jedoch hat er sie bei einem Footballspiel in der Highschool bloßgestellt. Sie hat ihre Rache bekommen und zugleich ihr Herz für ihn verschlossen. Zehn Jahre später ist Camille Footballfotografin und alleinerziehende Mutter. Überraschend heftig gerät sie wieder ins Schwärmen, als sie Heath wiedersieht. Er sieht immer noch genauso umwerfend aus, aber jetzt ist er ein Mann. Ein Mann, dem sie nicht mehr widerstehen kann. Heath erkennt sie kaum als das magere Mädchen wieder, das er in der Highschool gekannt hat, und er kann nicht leugnen, dass er sich zu der kurvigen, schönen Frau, zu der Camille sich entwickelt hat, hingezogen fühlt. Er will sie, und er bekommt immer, was er will. Gerade als beide merken, dass sie perfekt füreinander sein könnten, zeigt die Wirklichkeit ihr hässliches Gesicht. Landen Heath und Camille einen Touchdown für ihre Liebe? Oder vermasseln sie das Spiel und werden wieder getrennt?
The Caller

The Caller

Author: Chris Carter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471156338
Pages: 432
Year: 2017-02-23
THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER Be careful before answering your next call. It could be the beginning of your worst nightmare. After a tough week, Tanya Kaitlin is looking forward to a relaxing night in, but as she steps out of her shower, she hears her phone ring. The video call request comes from her best friend, Karen Ward. Tanya takes the call and the nightmare begins. Detectives Robert Hunter and Carlos Garcia are thrown into a rollercoaster of evil, chasing a predator who scouts the streets and social media networks for victims, taunting them with secret messages and feeding on their fear. AS ADDICTIVE AS A TV BOXSET! What the reviewers are saying: 'Carter has a background in criminal psychology and the killers at the centre of his novels are all the more terrifying for it.' Mail on Sunday, chosen for 'If You Only Pack One' 'Carter is one of those authors who makes writing look effortless ... I couldn't put it down' Crime Squad 'An insanely good crime series. Extraordinarily well written, high quality and high drama all the way' Liz Loves Books 'An intriguing and scary thriller' Better Reading 'A gripping feast of thrills' Shots 'A gripping psychological thriller' Breakaway 'Very satisfying read' Falcata Times
Mister I

Mister I

Author: Lewis Trondheim
Publisher: Nbm Publishing Company
ISBN: 1561634867
Pages: 32
Year: 2006
Mister i devises a number of strategies and copies those of other characters in repeated and disastrously unsuccessful attempts to acquire various items of food in this wordless story in comic book format.
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Author: Piggyback
Publisher: Piggyback
ISBN: 1908172983
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-11-29
The 100% complete guide to Final Fantasy XV: all missions, all side quests, all secrets, all collectibles, all Trophies and Achievements – at your fingertips! Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition: a premium lithograph, an extra 32-page section with many additional and exclusive features, and an extra-large map poster. The dedicated Walkthrough charts your critical path through the main narrative. It also provides regular prompts and tips directing players to side quests and other optional features within the game world of Eos, allowing for a fully streamlined experience. All-encompassing Bestiary and Inventory chapters feature extensive lists and tables covering all enemies, all weapons, all accessories, all items and all shops. Every secret, every unlockable, every New Game Plus bonus, every Trophy and every Achievement revealed and explained in a dedicated Extras chapter. All game systems decoded: statistics, diagrams and analysis from our experts provide a comprehensive understanding of all game systems and features. A handy map poster covering the entire game world. The 10th consecutive Piggyback guide to a major Final Fantasy game. From the same team that brought you the highly acclaimed guides to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Quality control: carefully designed to avoid unnecessary story spoilers.


Author: Benjamin Lebert
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 0613338812
Year: 2001-04-10
A German coming-of-age story follows the informal "education" of a sixteen-year-old boy interned in a remedial boarding school as he discovers drinking, sex, and the after-hours lifestyle.


Author: Joan Aiken
Publisher: Victor Gollancz
ISBN: 0575040262
Pages: 288
Year: 1987
Alvey Clement and Louisa Winship are identical in looks, they swap identities.