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European Business Law

European Business Law

Author: Louis Vogel
ISBN: 2802749730
Pages: 864
Year: 2015-02-01
Une synthèse complète et pratique du droit européen des affaires, par un spécialiste de la matière, enrichi de nombreuses références de doctrine et jurisprudence.
Inherited Wealth

Inherited Wealth

Author: Jens Beckert
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691187401
Year: 2018-06-05

Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession in Europe / L'innovation et l'avenir de la profession d'avocat en Europe

Innovation and Future of the Legal Profession in Europe / L'innovation et l'avenir de la profession d'avocat en Europe

Author: Michel Bénichou
Publisher: Bruylant
ISBN: 2802758454
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-09-12
En octobre 2016, le Conseil des barreaux européens (CCBE) a organisé un colloque sur « L’innovation et l’avenir de la profession d’avocat ». Le colloque a abordé des questions telles que : comment la profession d’avocat évolue-t-elle ou se réinvente-t-elle pour occuper une place essentielle dans son avenir ? Est-il possible de respecter les valeurs fondamentales de la profession tout en relevant ces défis ? Quels sont les acteurs clés de l’innovation et du positionnement de la profession d’avocat dans un environnement en constante évolution ? Comment les avocats européens répondent-ils à ces questions ? Le livre du CCBE est le fruit de la rencontre d’experts exposant leurs idées et leurs réflexions sur leur sujet respectif dans des articles constructifs. ****************** In October 2016, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) organised a conference on “Innovation and the Future of the Legal Profession”. The conference addressed such questions as: how will the legal profession evolve or reinvent itself to be an essential part of its future? Can the profession’s core values be upheld whilst adapting to these challenges? Who are the key players innovating and positioning the legal profession in an ever-changing environment? How are European lawyers responding to these questions? This CCBE book is the resulting collection of essays by the expert speakers, elaborating their ideas and thoughts on their respective topics into compelling articles.
Preventing Corruption and Promoting Good Government and Public Integrity

Preventing Corruption and Promoting Good Government and Public Integrity

Author: Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez
Publisher: Emile Bruylant
ISBN: 2802758764
Pages: 233
Year: 2017-05-24
In order to prevent corruption and promote good government and public integrity, new mechanisms have been put into force in the last decade to face the limitations and the inefficiency of the reactive approach to corruption and maladministration. Administrative law plays an important rote in preventing corruption by regulating institutions to encourage good governance and good administration, improve transparency, promote ethical values among public officiais, prevent conflicts of interest and avoid their transformation into corruption. In this book, renowned experts from several countries analyse the regulation of transparency, public ethics, conflict of interest prevention, lobby activity, political financing, good government, good administration and accountability in present times. From a general point of view, it is also examined the rote of regulation and mechanisms to improve its quality to prevent corruption. The book highlights the possibilities and the limits of Administrative law to improve the fight against corruption and to promote good government and public integrity and it explores the rote of transdisciplinarity in the regulation of tools to prevent and fight against corruption.
Vie Francaise

Vie Francaise

Author: Jean-Paul Dubois
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307498530
Pages: 288
Year: 2009-04-02
Meet Paul Blick: born in France (but not Paris); son of a car dealer; provincial sociology student-cum-theoretical revolutionary; briefly employed (by his father-in-law); married and soon to discover adultery and other satisfactions of a desperate househusband as consort of a high-flying wife who conquers the world as CEO of a Jacuzzi-manufacturing company. This not-so-extraordinary Frenchman is delivered to the not-so-extraordinary awareness of having arrived in middle age more a product of his times, his country, and blind chance than a creature of his own free will. Jean-Paul Dubois gives us a man whose life reflects the story – the mind and the heart – of a society coming belatedly, poignantly, and often hilariously to grips with the abiding pain and intermittent beauty of what living has become. From the Trade Paperback edition.
L'essentiel du droit des successions 2018

L'essentiel du droit des successions 2018

Author: Corinne Renault-Brahinsky
Publisher: Gualino
ISBN: 2297068913
Pages: 144
Year: 2018-02-20
Cet ouvrage présente l'ensemble des connaissances indispensables en matière de droit des successions, qui est au cœur du droit civil, qu'il s'agisse du droit des personnes, du droit de la famille, du droit des biens, ou du droit des obligations. Sont successivement développés : - les principes généraux : les principes du droit des successions afférents à la structure du patrimoine, les principes tenant à la structure familiale de la succession, l'ouverture de la succession, les conditions nécessaires pour succéder ; - la dévolution successorale : les droits des descendants, ascendants et collatéraux privilégiés et ordinaires en l'absence de conjoint survivant, la vocation successorale du conjoint survivant, la protection du conjoint survivant, les successions particulières ; - l'ordre public successoral : les pactes sur succession future, la réserve et la quotité disponible ; - la transmission de la succession : l'exercice des droits par les héritiers, l'option successorale, l'acceptation pure et simple, l'acceptation à concurrence de l'actif net, la renonciation ; - la liquidation de la succession : l'indivision successorale, la liquidation du passif successoral, le rapport des libéralités et des dettes, le partage. L'ouvrage est à jour de la loi n° 2016-1547 du 18 novembre 2016 de modernisation de la Justice du XXIe siècle. Points forts : - Réviser et faire un point actualisé - À jour des dernières évolutions législatives, réglementaires et jurisprudentielles - Sous forme rédigée, une synthèse rigoureuse, pratique et à jour de l'ensemble des connaissances que le lecteur doit avoir sur cette matière - L'essentiel des connaissances indispensables sur la matière
Family Businesses in the Arab World

Family Businesses in the Arab World

Author: Sami Basly
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319576305
Pages: 274
Year: 2017-08-06
This book focuses on topics such as the cultural specificity of Arab family businesses with regard to shaping their governance and management; the influence that specific values in the Arab world could exert on the management of family businesses; how spiritual and religious values influence business in Arab family firms; and the role of emotions in the management of family firms in the Arab World. Presenting a collection of contributions addressing management, finance, strategy and succession in Arab Family businesses, this book constitutes a novel and unique contribution to the research field of family businesses.
Senior Leadership Teams

Senior Leadership Teams

Author: Ruth Wageman, Debra A. Nunes, James A. Burruss, J. Richard Hackman
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1633692043
Pages: 272
Year: 2008-01-24
An organisation's fate hinges on its CEO—right? Not according to the authors of Senior Leadership Teams. They argue that in today's world of neck-snapping change, demands on leaders in top roles are rapidly outdistancing the capabilities of any one person - no matter how talented. Result? Chief executives are turning to their enterprise's senior leaders for help. Yet many CEOs stumble when creatinga leadership team. One major challenge is that senior executives often focus more on their individual roles than on the top team's shared work. Without the CEO's careful attention to setting the team up correctly, these high-powered managers often have difficulty pulling together to move their organisation forward. Sometimes they don't even agree about what constitutes the right path forward.The authors explain how to determine whether your organisation needs a senior leadership team. Then, drawing on their study of 100+ top teams from around the world, they explain how to create a clear and compelling purpose for your team, get the right people on it, provide structure and support, and sharpen team members' competencies - and your own. Timely and practical, this book enables you to create and sustain a leadership team whose members learn from one another while collaborating to pursue your company's objectives.
The Notion of Restriction of Competitipb

The Notion of Restriction of Competitipb

Author: Merola GERARD
ISBN: 2802755315
Year: 2017-01-11

La réforme du droit des successions

La réforme du droit des successions

ISBN: 2807904688
Pages: 544
Year: 2018-06-06
Le modèle de la famille classique a perdu de son éclat ; les familles recomposées sont de plus en plus nombreuses ; l'espérance de vie s'est accrue ; la composition des patrimoines fluctue tout au long de la vie ; certains citoyens aspirent à disposer plus librement de leurs biens ; nombre de règles du droit successoral, inchangées depuis 1804, sont obsolètes ou inutilement complexes. Tels sont les constats qui ont présidé à l'élaborationde la loi du 31 juillet 2017 tendant à moderniser le droit des successions et à l'adapter à l'évolution de la société et aux attentes des citoyens. Rédigé, à l'initiative de l'Association Famille & Droit, par d'éminents spécialistes de la matière, l'ouvrage propose une analyse approfondie et critique de la réforme. Il traite, de manière systématique, des modifications apportées au régime de la réserve héréditaire, du rapport des libéralités et des dettes, du partage, de la conversion de l'usufruit et des pactes sur succession future. L'ouvrage appréhende, en outre, la loi du 31 juillet 2017sous l'angle du droit transitoire et dans la perspective de la planification successorale. Encore cette loi ne peut-elle occulter les changements importants que d'autres volets du droit successoral, comme l'ouverture de la succession, les qualités requises pour hériter ou l'option héréditaire, ont connus récemment. Ces changements antérieurs à la loi du 31 juillet 2017 font l'objet d'une étude préalable. Par ailleurs, essentiellement dans le chapitre consacré aux droits du conjoint et du cohabitant légal, il est tenu compte des réformes récentes, en particulier celle des régimes matrimoniaux, qui affecteront bien évidemment le droit des successions.
The Financial Decline of a Great Power

The Financial Decline of a Great Power

Author: Guy Rowlands
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199585075
Pages: 267
Year: 2012-10-04
An examination of the financial decline of Louis XIV's France during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714).
Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family

Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family

Author: Roger Stone, Saint John Hunt
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1510706755
Pages: 464
Year: 2016-02-16
"This book is very tough." - President Donald Trump Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy that has surrounded and protected our country's very own political dynasty. New York Times bestselling author and legendary political insider, Roger Stone lashes out with a blistering indictment that exposes the true history and monumental hypocrisy of the Bushes. In his usual “go for the jugular” style, Stone collaborates with Saint John Hunt—author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E. Howard Hunt—to make this a “no-holds-barred” history of the Bush family. The authors reveal Jeb to be a smug, entitled autocrat who both uses and hides behind his famous name as he mingles with international drug peddlers. They show how Jeb: Received a $4 million taxpayer bailout when his daddy was Vice President Used his insider status to make millions from Obamacare Avoided criminal prosecution on a fraudulent Federal loan Hypocritically supports the War on Drugs, despite his own shocking drug history After detailing the vast litany of Jeb’s misdeeds, Stone travels back to Samuel, Prescott, George H. W., and George W. Bush to weave an epic story of privilege, greed, corruption, drug profiteering, assassination, and lies. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family will have you asking, “Why aren't these people in prison?”
Droit patrimonial de la famille

Droit patrimonial de la famille

Author: Jean-Louis Renchon (dir.), , Collectif
Publisher: Anthemis
ISBN: 2807201083
Pages: 156
Year: 2017-08-23
Les Éditions Anthemis vous proposent un outil complet pour comprendre le droit patrimonial de la famille. LES ASSURANCES-VIE EN DROIT PATRIMONIAL DE LA FAMILLE L’exposé aborde les questions pratiques que posent les assurances sur la vie en droit patrimonial de la famille à la lumière des nouveautés jurisprudentielles et législatives, sous l’angle du droit des successions d’une part et sous l’angle du droit des régimes matrimoniaux d’autre part. ACTUALITES EN DROIT DES REGIMES MATRIMONIAUX L’objectif de l’étude est de faire le point sur un ensemble de questions qui font l’actualité, soit parce qu’elles ont donné lieu à des décisions de jurisprudence récentes qui méritent d’être analysées, soit parce que le Parlement pourrait être amené à se prononcer prochainement sur deux projets de réforme du droit des régimes matrimoniaux. ACTUALITES EN DROIT DES SUCCESSIONS Les auteurs proposent une analyse des actualités législatives et jurisprudentielles dans la branche du droit successoral, ainsi que des perspectives de lege ferenda en la matière. Un ouvrage écrit par des professionnels, pour des professionnels. À PROPOS DES ÉDITIONS ANTHEMIS Anthemis est une maison d’édition spécialisée dans l’édition professionnelle, soucieuse de mettre à la disposition du plus grand nombre de praticiens des ouvrages de qualité. Elle s’adresse à tous les professionnels qui ont besoin d’une information fiable en droit, en économie ou en médecine.

Doing Business 2017

Doing Business 2017

Author: World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464809844
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-10-25
Fourteenth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in 190 economies, Doing Business 2017 measures aspects of regulation affecting 10 areas of everyday business activity: • Starting a business • Dealing with construction permits • Getting electricity • Registering property • Getting credit • Protecting minority investors • Paying taxes • Trading across borders • Enforcing contracts • Resolving insolvency These areas are included in the distance to frontier score and ease of doing business ranking. Doing Business also measures features of labor market regulation, which is not included in these two measures. This year’s report introduces major improvements by expanding the paying taxes indicators to cover postfiling processes—tax audits, tax refunds and tax appeals—and presents analysis of pilot data on selling to the government which measures public procurement regulations. Also for the first time this year Doing Business collects data on Somalia, bringing the total number of economies covered to 190. Using the data originally developed by Women, Business and the Law, this year for the first time Doing Business adds a gender component to three indicators—starting a business, registering property, and enforcing contracts—and finds that those economies which limit women’s access in these areas have fewer women working in the private sector both as employers and employees. The report updates all indicators as of June 1, 2016, ranks economies on their overall “ease of doing business†?, and analyzes reforms to business regulation †“ identifying which economies are strengthening their business environment the most. Doing Business illustrates how reforms in business regulations are being used to analyze economic outcomes for domestic entrepreneurs and for the wider economy. It is a flagship product produced in partnership by the World Bank Group that garners worldwide attention on regulatory barriers to entrepreneurship. More than 137 economies have used the Doing Business indicators to shape reform agendas and monitor improvements on the ground. In addition, the Doing Business data has generated over 2,182 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals since its inception.